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Comparisons between the two were made, MTV describing the bands as "the once and future kings of progressive rock". Although the end of the tour in November seemed to signal the start of another hiatus for the band, they did not become completely inactive. While Keenan recorded and toured with A Perfect Circle , the other band members released an interview and a recording of new material, both exclusive to the fan club.

On April 1, , the official Tool website announced that "Maynard has found Jesus" and would be abandoning the recording of the new Tool album temporarily and possibly permanently. When Loder asked again, Keenan's response was simply "heh heh. The writing and recording is back under way. Work continued on the follow-up to Lateralus ; meanwhile, a Lateralus vinyl edition and two DVD singles were released, and the band's official website received a new splash intro by artist Joshua Davis.

Nevertheless, speculation continued, with allegations that 10, Days was merely a "decoy" album to fool audiences.

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The album opener, " Vicarious ", premiered on U. The album premiered on May 2 in the U. Prior to the release of 10, Days , a tour kicked off at Coachella on April The touring schedule was similar to the Lateralus tour of ; supporting acts were Isis and Mastodon. During a short break early the next year, after touring Australia and New Zealand, drummer Carey suffered a biceps tear during a skirmish with his girlfriend's dog, casting uncertainty on the band's upcoming concerts in North America.

Chancellor stated in May that the band would probably continue their tour until early and then "take some time off". He speculated about the possibility of a "band movie", something the band has considered for a long time. Ideas ranged from "a narrative story in a surreal fashion with as much money and special effects as possible" to "pockets of all of that or something that's live or the band playing".

Keenan has toured extensively with Puscifer , which he describes as involving a series of musical ideas he did not have an opportunity to explore with Tool or A Perfect Circle. Keenan and Carey offered conflicting reports on whether or not their next album would surface in , [91] though Carey later conceded that "early " seemed more likely. On July 15, , Carey and Jones informed Rolling Stone that family commitments and an ongoing lawsuit are the key reasons for the delayed fifth album.

In March , Jones revealed that the lawsuit had been settled in the band's favor, and as such, the band was turning their focus towards recording the album. In January , Tool undertook a tour of the United States. While it was reported in February that Keenan had entered the studio to work on vocals for the fifth Tool album, [99] it was later reported that the album was not scheduled for release in On September 11, , Keenan announced via Twitter that production on the record was progressing and that vocals had been written, before suggesting a release.

On August 2, the entirety of Tool's discography with the exception of Salival became available on digital streaming platforms. Tool was described by Patrick Donovan of The Age as "the thinking person's metal band. Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange, western and eastern, beautiful and ugly, taut yet sprawling and epic, they are a tangle of contradictions. Liddell for their complex and ever-evolving sound. A component of Tool's song repertoire relies on the use of unusual time signatures.

For instance, Chancellor describes the time signature employed on the first single from Lateralus , " Schism ", as "six" and "six-and-a-half" and that it later "goes into all kinds of other times". Beyond this aspect of the band's sound, each band member experiments within his wide musical scope. Bass Player magazine described Chancellor's bass playing as having a "thick midrange tone, guitar-style techniques, and elastic versatility".

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Completing the band's rhythm section , drummer Carey uses polyrhythms , tabla -style techniques, and the incorporation of custom electronic drum pads to trigger samples, such as prerecorded tabla and octoban sounds. Keenan's ability as a vocalist has been characterized more subjectively by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer : After his performance during an Alice in Chains reunion concert in , freelancer Travis Hay saw him as "a natural fit at replacing Layne Staley ". Keenan's ability to dignify emotions like lust, anger and disgust, the honey in his voice adding a touch of profundity".

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  4. According to Guitar Player magazine, Jones does not rely on any one particular guitar-playing technique but rather combines many techniques. The band puts an emphasis on the sound of their songs and attempts to reduce the effect lyrics can have on the perception of songs by not releasing song lyrics with their albums, [2] although they eventually released the lyrics for Fear Inoculum for that album's CD.

    Lyrical arrangements are often given special attention, such as in "Lateralus".

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    The number of syllables per line in the lyrics to "Lateralus" correspond to an arrangement of the Fibonacci numbers [] and the song "Jambi" uses and makes a reference to the common metrical foot iamb. The band has named the group Melvins [21] as an influence on its development, but the most-publicized influence is progressive rock pioneer group King Crimson.

    In an interview, Fripp touched on how the two bands relate to each other, stating "Do you hear the influence? There's just one figure where I hear an influence, just one. It was a piece we were developing that we dropped. And it's almost exactly the same figure: three note arpeggio with a particular accent from the guitar. So I do not think you could have heard it.

    That's the only thing. The members of Tool have been generous enough to suggest that Crimson has been an influence on them.

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    Part of Tool's work as a band is to incorporate influences of other works of art in their music videos, live shows, and album packaging. Adam Jones doubles as the band's art director and director of their music videos. The band has released eight music videos but made personal appearances in only the first two, which the band states is to prevent people from "latching onto the personalities involved rather than listening to the music.

    The " Sober " music video in particular attracted much attention. Jones explained that it does not contain a storyline, but that his intentions were to summon personal emotions with its imagery. Jones is responsible for most of the band's artwork concepts. Their album Undertow features a ribcage sculpture by Jones on its cover and photos contributed by the band members. The releases garnered positive critical reception, with a music journalist of the Associated Press attributing to the band a reputation for innovative album packaging. Jones created packaging for 10, Days that features a pair of stereoscopic lenses for viewing 3-D artwork and photos.

    Jones, a lifelong fan of stereoscopic photography, wanted the packaging to be unique and to reflect the s artwork he appreciates. Live shows on Tool's headline tour incorporate an unorthodox stage setting and video display. He explains, "[a] lot of the songs are a personal journey for him and he has a hard time with the glare of the lights when he's trying to reproduce these emotions for the audience.

    He needs a bit of personal space, and he feels more comfortable in the shadows. The band has never used any sort of timecode. The show is never the same twice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American metal band.

    Tool performing in Katowice , Poland in Alternative metal art rock post-metal progressive metal progressive rock. Main article: Opiate EP.

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    Main article: Undertow Tool album. Main article: Lateralus. With its abstract lyrics and multi-sectioned, odd-metered structure it has since become a signature song of the band. Main article: 10, Days Tool album. Main article: Fear Inoculum. The number of syllables per line in the lyrics to "Lateralus" correspond to an arrangement of the Fibonacci numbers.

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