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And in , the Chinese government published a white paper outlining its Arctic plans—and its intention to play a greater role in the region. Six nations—the U. In recent years, the receding ice has allowed increasing amounts of international shipping traffic to move between the Atlantic and Pacific. Image courtesy of National Geographic.

Other Arctic nations, including the United States, Canada, and Denmark, lavish far less attention on their northern territories. Sfraga and others have called the U. A long-range radar installation rears up from the tundra in Hall Beach, Nunavut, Canada.

Custom:Ninjago:The Unfolded Series:The Videogame | Brickipedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Canadian army Corporal Stewart Hickman keeps watch over two immersion heaters—devices used to melt snow and ice to make water—at an Arctic training camp in Hall Beach, Nunavut. Crucial for survival, water can be difficult to obtain during winter military operations, and large amounts of fuel are necessary to continuously melt snow and ice. Canadian soldiers disembark from a CC cargo plane during a training mission in Hall Beach, Nunavut. Air Force F refuels over Alaska.

The fighter is part of the 18th Aggressor Squadron, a unit that plays the role of an attacking enemy—often Russian—during combat training exercises. By punching a hole through thick pack ice, the U. Connecticut, a nuclear attack submarine, is transformed into a temporary floating platform during an exercise in the Beaufort Sea. With no bases in Alaska above the Arctic Circle, the U. Army troops practice defensive tactics at Fort Greely, Alaska. The fort is a launch site for interceptor missiles that are designed to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles—like those North Korea has said it now possesses.

The disequilibrium in Arctic approaches has worried some observers and led to news headlines that regularly describe the Arctic as a kind of Wild West, or as a frigid theater where nations will square off in the next Cold War.


The U. While expanding her mind-view, Carmen Willathorpe sensed an intense concentration of consciousness as a point of light thousands of light-years from where she was sitting on a planet the Lorengi called Stone. Carmen, the Lorengi leader, Ahleeto and the sentient Lorengi ship, Thelika, are joined by other Sunaj scientists as they race to investigate the incredible light and find a large spherical object behind a translucent barrier.

The barrier appears to be a kind of window that may be providing a view into another dimension. Finding alien designed ships are also behind the barrier, they try to find out if there are conscious beings inside the ships. They are unable to contact them. How would they get to them if they are there? Are they still alive? Do they need to be rescued?

Why does it seem like nothing behind the barrier is moving?

If a rescue is needed, and they find their way in, will Carmen and her crew be able to find their way back out? Or will they be trapped inside an unknown dimension forever? Finding the answers to these questions will set the scientists on a journey that is more than they ever imagined, and raise speculations about humanity's role in the universe. Read more Read less. Product details Paperback: pages Publisher: C. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. The war escalated in a major way during this book. Suspense, tension, tragedy, victories, and defeats.


Action-packed and so very good! I also have to give a nod in appreciation to Artemis. It's unbelievable to me that I see a ship as a true character. The relationship with Canyon and Artemis was an unprecedented glimpse into this. So much is owed to Artemis. Blaze already owns me. Amber has huge shoes to fill to keep up with the other women but I have no fears that she will be worthy given this second chance at life.

Jul 14, Keryn rated it it was amazing.

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Hold onto your seats!!!! I literally could NOT put this down until I reached the end My word, Waverly and her amazing guys certainly had to duck, bob, weave and use every trick in their collective arsenals in this one. Not that Melissa, Paloma or Diana and their m Hold onto your seats!!!! This is the second of Waverly's books Of course with each consecutive story we always get to see our faves so don't think this is the last of Waverly I for one am curious to see what all this surprise time travel for Waverly has done to her on a genetic level I LOVE that about this series.

This series has a way of grabbing hold of you and not letting go. I for one am already eagerly looking forward to the next in this series to see what happens to Waverly and everyone else You have been warned. Jul 10, Anna rated it it was amazing. Waverly has already been through so much in her life. The unwanted Sandler daughter, cast away to auction off. Rescued and whisked away to start a new life. Just when her life was starting to turn around, it crumbled to the ground with one touch of a time scanner.

Now she's alone, on the other side of the black hole from her men, on a planet she knows will cease to exist. She holds out hope that her men will somehow, someway, make it to her in time. When they swoop in just in time to save her, t Waverly has already been through so much in her life. When they swoop in just in time to save her, the true journey is just beginning.

There is still a war going on. Who knows what they will return home to This is book eight in the Wings of Artemis series but the second book in Waverly's story. While you don't have to read the other books in the series, I highly recommend it.

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You will fall in love with all the characters and while you don't NEED to know their stories, trust me, you will want to. Waverly is my favorite of all the Artemis ladies so far. There's just something about her that you can relate to. She's also the kindest, most generous person you may ever read. Her story is just so sad as well. This one really takes you through the emotions. Her guys are my favorite too. I've loved Ari since we first met him in the series. I was so excited to finally get his story. Jackson too when he just popped in out of nowhere in that one book.

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Canyon and Rohan, while newer to the series, had no problem captivating me and making me fall in love with them as well. Not that anyone in this Universe Rebecca writes has had an easy time of it, but this group has all had major hardships. Not only together but individually as well. I couldn't think of a more perfect woman for their rag tag group than Waverly. So obviously this book rounds out Waverly's story.

Episode 17 – Engaging the Masses (part 5) – Using Sales for Good

There is a TON going on in this book. Not only do we have some major relationship moments but the Sandler Cartel, Evander and Rebels war is escalating as well. Just when you think that things are on the right track, NOPE try again. We also meet some new characters in this book and they certainly caught my attention. We are set up in the end of this one for what's next in the Artemis world and I'm ready! Engrossing, heart-wrenching and stunningly beautiful, I fully admit I procrastinated finishing the book because I didn't want to leave this family.

The family that came from that moment when Waverly touched a scanner and was hurled through Space-Time. There she meets people who treat as human, something her father never did. And four very special men who need her as much as she needs them I honestly have a mega book crush on Ari. He reminds me of the best romance heroes — from Rochester and Darcy to Darling and Cyn.