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The following publications may be of interest:. Croall, Jonathan, Buzz Buzz! British Political Drama in the s , Palgrave Macmillan, Kustow, Michael, thea tre risk , 2nd edn Methuen, Chapters and articles.

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British Political Drama in the s , Palgrave Macmillan, : Sierz, Aleks, ' Cool Britannia? Firstly, Sir Ronald could not have been more generous in his terms. As well as granting me over ten hours to interview him, he also threw open all of his papers and gave me unrestricted access to his wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

Plays and playwrights

Secondly, once the book was completed he did not demand any cuts or alterations that were not of a purely factual nature. When one reads the horror stories of biographers unable to publish their books because of objections of a more subjective nature, it is impossible not to feel incredibly grateful — and lucky. Yet the main reason that I am delighted to have been able to write the Life of a living subject is more personal.

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And there are many professional biographers now combing archives and newspaper databases for material about writers of even lesser quality — when we have many great authors alive and well. In between these impressive milestones he has done a plethora of novels, plays, films, and an excellent biography of Sir Donald Wolfit, who provided the inspiration for his most enduring work of drama, The Dresser.

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  • For what is a biography if it is not alive — be the subject living or dead? Speak Well of Me is available to order now from the Oberon Books website. For your chance to win a copy signed by both W. At the heart of her productions, therefore, no matter how dark, there is always a luminous vision to guide characters, actors, and audience forward from the magical rite of performance into a transformed awareness of normal life. Paradoxically, as in these three plays, she draws power from traditional stories and traditional rituals to address contemporary problems head on.

    Unlike the ancient Greeks, who hid away the most graphic events of tragedy — murder, suicide, rape — Farber shows it all. As a director, she drives the human body to extremes, asking incredible agility of her dancing, leaping, whirling, wrestling actors, pressing their willingness to bare body and soul to the very limits of endurance. Bartlett , Alice.

    Julia Pascal: Political Plays by Julia Pascal (Paperback, ) for sale online | eBay

    Not in my Name. London: Oberon, Billington , Michael. Blythe , Alecky.

    London Road. London: Nick Hern, Boles , William C. The Argumentative Theatre of Joe Penhall. London: McFarland, Burke , Gregory.

    Political Plays

    Black Watch. British Theatre Consortium.


    London: Arts Council England, Churchill , Caryl. Mad Forest. Edgar , David. Playing with Fire. Gupta , Tanika. Gladiator Games.

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    Political Plays. Hare , David. Stuff Happens. Haydon , Andrew. Modern British Playwriting: Dan Rebellato , London: Methuen Drama, Hopton , Tricia. Pockets of Change: Adaptation and Cultural Transition. Lanham, Md: Lexington, Kelly , Dennis. Taking Care of Baby. Lane , David. Contemporary British Drama.

    London: Methuen Drama, Norton - Taylor , Richard and Nicolas Kent. Theatre-making: Interplay between Text and Performance in the 21st Century.