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Characters will suddenly recall things at the last minute or find a critical piece of evidence. This left me feeling cheated. Yet the story is still well done and left me feeling satisfied overall. This makes what she has to do next more difficult. Diana hides the young lady, Alia Mayeux Keralis, in a cave until she can decide what to do. This is when Amazons start getting very sick and earthquakes begin. Alia has no idea that she is a Warbringer.

The birth of a Warbringer signals an age of conflict. Wars will soon follow such as WWII.

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Everywhere she goes people will suddenly become violent. If the Warbringer dies before her seventeenth birthday, no war will come. Therefore, this is a secret society dedicated to identifying and assassinating all Warbringers — and they have Alia targeted.

Diana learns about magical springs at the southern coast of Greece. If she can get Alia off Themyscira without anyone knowing and to the springs before the start of Hekatombaion the first month in the old Greek calendar then the line of Warbringers will be broken. Diana, Alia, and a few people Alia trusts must race to the magical springs while avoiding the Warbringer conflicts and dodging assassins.

From the first page until the last, this story is nonstop action. It was fun to be on Themyscira during the beginning and ending of this book, but watching Diana have an adventure while she was only a teen was even more fun. Of course, adults do not even consider Diana able to be a bodyguard at first. But the Amazon princess has borrowed a few familiar items from the island to help. Watching Diana in battle was thrilling, no matter her age.

The story has some twists, but a few of them are predicable. Others blindsided me. This story is well worth your time and money!

Short Story Writers (Magill's Choice)

Hattie felt nervous about all the Yankee marauders in the area, but hoped they would pass by their small area in Appleton, Tennessee. Unfortunately, they did not.

Her neighbors and friends had also fallen prey to the same marauders, leaving her totally alone. Cutting off her hair and dressing as a male, Hattie enlisted, partly for revenge and partly to search for Jonas. Hattie, a.


Henry Grey, marched through blustering conditions in sub-freezing temperatures. New shoes came from the dead. Marching battle became the norm. Private Louis Templeton, another woman dressed as a man in a dog-eat-dog war. Aiden James and Fiona Fraser prove to be a formidable writing team in this incisive story about the women in history who have pretended to be men in order to serve in the military. This writing duo brought the war to life in vivid detail for me as I viewed the men fighting battles in egregious conditions and the women who have to deal with the same, as well as to keep their genders secret.

The story begins in the year and ends with the war. Not including the Epilogue. The tale swaps between the views of Hattie and her husband, Jonas, both serving in different places. Both fighting in hopes of seeing each other again someday. This fictional piece of history kept me glued to my seat as I eagerly anticipated what would come next.

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Totally riveting! Augustine, Florida Since her husband died, Emma Wakefield has turned her home into a boarding house. Currently, Wakefield House is filled to capacity. With the recent death of one of the housemaids, everyone is having to pitch in and do more than their fair share. So when Mrs. Rebecca Jackson walks up to Emma with her young daughter, Jane, and seeks employment, Emma hires her. Rebecca is a tutor, so becoming a housemaid is below her station, yet she is grateful for the job. This heat up again when a fire in an abandoned house reveals a body and the body shows clear signs of having been murdered.

Though the leader of the counterfeit ring is dead, that in no way means that the counterfeiting has ceased. This investigation is just as important to the town as the murder.

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But these are not the only problems Emma faces. Someone sets fire to her shed. Had Bandit, the cat, not wake Emma up, the damage would have been much worse. Emma cannot even discuss her problems with her best friend because Clarissa has left town with her mother for a while.

And just as it seems things might be calming down, another murder occurs. The character of Emma is very incisive. She notices everyone and everything around her, except who sent her two Valentine cards. A few Wakefield House resident have changed since the previous mystery tale, but new ones have arrived to take their places and either help Emma or give readers some amusing situations. In this quaint town is Mrs. Emma Wakefield widowed. She is the proprietress of Wakefield House on Charlotte Street.

Aunt Daisy Bennett talks to the resident ghost. Alexander Grayson has feelings for Emma, as does a certain detective, and both keep their feelings to themselves — for now. In addition, the Milksops brought their cat, Bandit, to whom nothing is sacred. Emma sends someone to check on Andrew.

April 24, 12222

When word comes that Andrew has been murdered, Clarissa is devastated. However, there is a silver lining. Then murder happens again. Emma does her best to do right by her friends and family, but people are often not who they claim to be and one must be careful as to what they believe to be real. Can Emma find out the truth before things spiral out of control? For someone so young, the character of Emma has a sensible head on her shoulders.

If it should not happen in , then it does not happen in this story. The world just faded away. This shows such talent in an author, in my humble opinion. You can bet that I will be keeping a close eye on her future releases. The killer was never identified. Rumors of who could have done it and why still circulate today. Now the cold case has been assigned to Morris Keene.