Guide Making Sense of the Insensible: The Ten Injustices of Our Life Lessons

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They are often the events we spend a lifetime trying to make sense of. The lessons of injustice come to us in three ways — how we treat others, how others treat us and how we treat ourselves. Regardless of the source of the experience the goal is to embark on the journey of transformation and empowerment. Making Sense of the Insensible provides a practical explanation of the injustices and what lessons there are to learn from each.

The sublime science of astronomy; which elevates the mind of man to disdain his diminutive planet and momentary existence. They coveted the works of art; which they were too lazy to imitate and too indigent to purchase. Of human life, the most glorious or humble prospects are alike— and soon bounded by the tomb. No matter how glorious of a life I live, or how humbly I live, we all share the same fate— the same tomb. In every age; and more especially in Asia; the thirst of power has inspired the same passions and occasioned the same disorders… — Gibbons.

Being thirsty for power— we can never quench our thirst. We will ruin other nations, trying to be hungry for power. Lead to death, famine, and misery. With the Crusades— the Roman emperor woke up the people. Of course, for a wrongful goal. But interesting to note how it changed the psyche of the Roman people:. When Peter the hermit painted the sufferings of the natives and the pilgrims of Palestine; every heart was melted to compassion; every breast glowed with indignation when he challenged the warriors of the age to defend their brethren, and to rescue their savior.

To help rescue others. The wishes and interest of the people; whose happiness is the first object of government. Rather, to help fulfill the virtuous wishes and interest of people. To help make people become happy. Snowy arms; rosy lips; swimming eyes; arched eyebrows; the harmony of her shape; the lightness of her drapery; and her flowing locks that wavered in the winds. You can have 1 billion dollars, but you are poor compared to the guy with 10 billion, or the guy with billion, or the guy with 10 trillion dollars. We need money to fight off thirst, hunger, and being naked to the cold.

We need money for our basic needs. But remember, all wealth is relative.

Hiding the Truth Protocol

Be rich to myself. Increase my satisfaction, and appreciation and thanksgiving:. A prince, who would be rich in a private station, may be exposed by the increase of his wants to all the anxiety and bitterness of poverty.

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To have more artificial needs is poverty. Because poverty is not having something, it is not having something. Before trade, your wealth depended on your birth. Also if you were born in poverty in the past, you could never gain knowledge— which dispels prejudice:. Before the introduction of trade; which scatters riches, and of knowledge, which dispels prejudice; the prerogative of birth is most strongly felt and most humbly acknowledged.

The Context Of Time

Fatigued with business, or deceived by negotiation; maintaining a thousand hounds, a thousand hawks and a thousand huntsman; was sufficient to sully his fame and disarm his ambition. Do I really want to maintain owning a thousand cars? To have a thousand cares? To feed the mouth of a thousand servants?

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The disorders of the moral are sometimes corrected by those of the physical world; and an acrimonious humour falling on a single fibre of one man may prevent us to suspend the misery of nations. Know that you have the power to change the hearts of millions. The single fiber of you can change the fate of the world.

To chastise the proud; protect the weak; reward the deserving; banish vice and idleness; cherish the labors of mankind; encourage industry and learning; increase revenue without increasing taxes— duties of a prince. To summarize, to not let people fall victim to self-pride. To help those who are living in poverty. To only reward those who deserve the prizes. To admonish those who are lazy, and living in idle vice.

To cherish the hard work and hustle people put in. To encourage others to learn virtuous things, to learn empowerment. To help others increase their own personal wealth, for helping themselves. In human life; the most important scenes will depend on the character of a single actor. What virtuous action will you do in life, to uplift the souls of your fellow brothers and sisters? And a body to the abstractions of philosophy. Unlock the hidden treasures of the past.

Nicomachean Ethics - Wikipedia

Study practical philosophy, how to become a better person everyday. To subtract a little from your vices everyday.

To know that if we cultivate our inner-wisdom and reason; we will be less prejudiced, less hateful, and less intolerant. In Europe the lower ranks of society were relieved from the yoke of feudal servitude; freedom is the first step to curiosity and knowledge. In-fact, it is better to trade money to have more freedom and time. So strong was my passion; that the lessons which I had imbibed in the day were the constant subject of my nightly dreams.

Use your short life to hustle and follow your passion. Dream of doing your passion at night. Then you will wake up with vigor, and energy to pursue your passion. Hustle hard, to one day equal them. Then strive to overcome them.

To be better than them, and to drive humanity forward. We contemplate the decline and fall of the Roman Empire; on Rome— contemplate her fortune at first with admiration; at length with pity, always with attention. The wealth; whose constant increase must have rendered them the sole proprietors of the earth; was alternatively bestowed by the repentant father and plundered by the rapacious son. To share it with others. To not waste my precious fruit. Imagine yourself like a meteor. Great, and worthy of admiration.

And your meteor is ascending— into the heavens. If the one advances; the other retreats. The one appears an animal fearful of the land; the other a creature apprehensive of the water. Never retreat in life. Always advance. Rather, to enlighten yourself— know your purpose in life. Your purpose in life in helping serve others, and uplifting humanity. To help spread love, understanding, and wisdom with others.

In the office of nuncio, or the rank of cardinal, he may acquire some knowledge of the world; but the primitive stain will adhere to his mind and manners: from study and experience he may suspect the mystery of his profession; but the sacerdotal artist will imbibe some portion of the bigotry which he inculcates.

The changing wheels of fortune; which spares neither man nor the proudest of his work; which buries empires and cities in a common grave. No matter how rich or powerful, I will always find myself in the common place— the grave. With the hundreds of Roman emperors from the past. Advance in life. Strive to learn more, to create more, to empower others more. To hustle harder, to be less wasteful of time. To spend less time thinking about negative bullshit from the past. To think today is a new day, and you can start fresh. Carte blanche.

When you make art, treat your first like your last, and your last like your first.

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Which means, re-discover that inner-hunger you had when you were 18 years old, a starving college student, or an ambitious intern. To have that inner-hustle; and not become complacent in life. The art of man is able to construct monuments far more permanent than the narrow span of his own existence. Yet these monuments are perishable and frail. In the boundless annals of time his life and his labors must equally be measured as a fleeting moment.

All life is a fleeting moment. So make it worth it. What good is gold, silver, platinum, or green money?