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Try to bring only the bare necessities you need with you, apart from proper riding gear including clothes for wet conditions. Above all, come prepared for a great time and in good shape to withstand 6 hours of daily trekking. Then you can enjoy a fantastic dinner! Our destination is to a charming Hotel where you will enjoy a dinner with our music who will accompanies us throughout the week with his guitar and his lovely songs. This is a rocky area with old buildings of traditional rural architecture like shelters for herders and small stone walls.

When we reach the St.

52 Places to Go in 12222

We will climb the Serallonga mountain chain. From this altitude we will be able to see the Boadella marshland and follow it down until it becomes the Muga River, which will then take us to St. Llorens de la Muga for lunch. Once we arrive we will go to the Bassegoda Camp Site, where we will have dinner and spend the night, leaving our horses with the cattle in a nearby field. This is an ideal place for wildlife lovers in the middle of nature.

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It is a door to the wild, for during the following 48 hours the only traces of civilization we will find are some chapels from the eleventh and twelfth centuries and a few houses in ruins. There is no phone signal during this time. At lunch time, we will join the cattle that have started off earlier in the morning.

Bread, beans, stewed dried fruit was what we lived on. The cookie would fix the beans different ways.

The Fort Worth Herd

He could fix a Boston baked dish of beans that was fitting to eat, also fried pies out of the stewed fruit. He would get his campfire hot, slap the steaks into it for a minute, which seared them on the outside. Then he would pull the meat away and let it cook slowly.

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Of course the beef was off of a fat yearling, a good meat to start off with. Chuckwagon staples had to travel well and not spoil. The list included flour, sourdough, salt, brown sugar, beans, rice, cornmeal, dried apples and peaches, baking powder, baking soda, coffee and syrup.

Ian Tyson – The Legend

Fresh beef was the main meat, but cowboys also hunted wild game and fish along the trail and during roundups. The cook used bacon grease to fry everything, but it also served as the main meat when supplies ran low. Nothing special, but good solid food like whistle berries, beef, sow belly strips and some of the best sop in the world can be made from the grease you get from fried sowbelly….

Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp

If everything was favorable, you could depend on a slice of pie two or three times a week, sometimes more. After being on the trail for three or four months, cowboys were tired of eating the same old grub. Youthful trail hands on mustangs gave a Texas flavor to the entire range cattle industry of the Great Plains and made the cowboy an enduring folk hero.

When the Civil War ended, the state's only potential assets were its countless longhorns, for which no market was available—Missouri and Kansas had closed their borders to Texas cattle in the s because of the deadly Texas fever they carried.

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In the East was a growing demand for beef, and many men, among them Joseph G. McCoy of Illinois, sought ways of supplying it with Texas cattle. In the spring of he persuaded Kansas Pacific officials to lay a siding at the hamlet of Abilene, Kansas, on the edge of the quarantine area. He began building pens and loading facilities and sent word to Texas cowmen that a cattle market was available.

That year he shipped 35, head; the number doubled each year until , when , head glutted the market. The first herd to follow the future Chisholm Trail to Abilene belonged to O. Wheeler and his partners, who in bought 2, steers in San Antonio. They planned to winter them on the plains, then trail them on to California. The tracks were made by Scot-Cherokee Jesse Chisholm , who in began hauling trade goods to Indian camps about miles south of his post near modern Wichita.

Big Things Are Happening

Though it was originally applied only to the trail north of the Red River, Texas cowmen soon gave Chisholm's name to the entire trail from the Rio Grande to central Kansas. Highway 81 follows the Chisholm Trail. It was, Wayne Gard observed, like a tree—the roots were the feeder trails from South Texas, the trunk was the main route from San Antonio across Indian Territory, and the branches were extensions to various railheads in Kansas. Between , when Abilene ceased to be a cattle market, and the trail might end at Ellsworth, Junction City, Newton, Wichita, or Caldwell.

The cattle did not follow a clearly defined trail except at river crossings; when dozens of herds were moving north it was necessary to spread them out to find grass.

Cattle Drives Started in Earnest After the Civil War | Texas Almanac

The animals were allowed to graze along for ten or twelve miles a day and never pushed except to reach water; cattle that ate and drank their fill were unlikely to stampede. When conditions were favorable longhorns actually gained weight on the trail. After trailing techniques were perfected, a trail boss, ten cowboys, a cook, and a horse wrangler could trail 2, cattle three months for sixty to seventy-five cents a head.

This was far cheaper than shipping by rail. The Chisholm Trail led to the new profession of trailing contractor.