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Scottish ale is essentially an American version of Scotch Ale. Now, without further ado …. Holy Smoke Scotch Ale pours a very dark brown with a thick layer of off-white foam.

Church-Key Brewing: Holy Smoke Scotch Ale - A Peaty Review

I taste lots of sweet maltiness as I take my first sip. The peat flavour is very subtle, but noticeable after having a few glugs. This is one to sip at slowly. In terms of pairing, I refuse to deny the tradition of drinking a Scotch or Scottish ale as a chaser for malt whisky. The sweetness of this brew levels out the acidity of my Johnnie Walker Red Label.

I had thought that a peat-smoked beer might not be the best companion for a shot of Scotch. Are you a creator looking for a review of your book? Use the form below to end us a message. Are you a fan of the website and have a comment, question, or concern? Drop us a line, and we will gladly answer all your questions. Authors will be responsible for a particular niche, providing reviews, opinion and news coverage, while building a reader community using his or her multimedia storytelling skills.

The best candidates have solid writing skills, WordPress knowledge, and are engaged on social media. Do you love comic books and have a strong opinion, then we would like to speak with you. Every Wednesday you will receive an email with our latest reviews and analyses, as well as our original comic strips and exclusive editorial content. Thanks for signing up! But it was different, and I, um, well. I didn't like it.

Best Weekend Bets

I think if I'd discovered it fresh, no clue what came before and no experience of the previous fare, I probably would have enjoyed it. Probably would have decided, "once a month in this joint would be nice. Not too much, but enough. I don't like it. And then it hit me.

Holy shit, I'm a serial eater. I like what I like and I don't want some fancy-pants restauranteur coming along and throwing the culinary equivalent of a standalone at me, or, heaven forbid, try to get me going on a new breakfast series. I want my old breakfast back, tried and true. Patty properly shaped, gravy properly hued, potatoes properly fried. But I can't have it.

Under Cover of Midnight: A Midnight Ink Blog: May

The author has moved on, made a choice that was better for him, no matter how I feel about it. Crap, now what am I going to do? Where I may be is standing in the security line at the Portland International Airport.

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Or maybe the plane has taken off, or maybe even landed in Los Angeles already. Maybe it's evening already and I'm drinking. Wherever I am, I will have left my computer behind. I figure it will be a busy weekend and in all likelihood the laptop lid would remain closed, so I'm just leaving the sucker home.

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That means I won't be able to check in on discussions here until Monday, but I will. In the meantime, have a great weekend. I suspect I will. Posted by Anna at 5: Wednesday, May 28, Twenty Years: We are rather surprised to find ourselves at this milestone, since we like to think of ourselves as still youthful. But time doesn't lie, and neither do our growing children, so here we are.

In honor of the day, I'll tell the rather odd story of how Jeff and I met. In I was a junior in college and dating a guy named Bob. My boyfriend and I had been having some rough times, mainly because I think we were realizing we weren't "meant to be," if you believe in that sort of thing.

Versandkostenfrei ab 80 Euro, Abholung auch im Laden möglich

So it was only partly surprising when Bob, who attended ISU, called me in Indiana and said that the formal dance he'd agreed to attend with me--the one for which I'd already purchased expensive tickets and persuaded my mom to alter an old prom dress--was something he could not now attend. He had to work, he told me. In a cold voice I told Bob that would be just fine. And then I plotted my revenge. I would find a guy--any guy--to go to that dance with me, and I would have fun.

I was thinking, at that point, of just going to a random store and approaching all males with my dance proposition, but then I had a brainstorm. My brother, eight years my elder, worked in Chicago in a big glamorous office building or so I thought at age He had often told me tales of his humorous co-workers. Surely one of them could be persuaded to go out with a cute college girl?

Churchkey Brewery

So I called my big brother and told him of my idea. He sounds great," I said. This, I assumed, was a euphemism for ugly, but I didn't care. I told Bill to go ahead and extend the invitation. I called that evening to find out the result. He has a list of demands. And then he read me the demands, which Jeff had scrawled on a piece of paper in his terrible handwriting while he was supposed to be working. To be honest with you, I can't remember them all, but one of them was "You must refer to me as 'Bronco' for the entire evening" and another was "write a five-paragraph essay entitled 'Why I must be accompanied by Jeff.

Jeff told me later that it was a longshot that he showed up at all; he regretted telling Bill he'd go out with his little sister he'd been told I was funny, which he assumed was a euphemism for ugly , and was going to call in sick. However, he had so much respect for my brother and still does that he didn't want to disappoint him.

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So he made the one hour drive to my parents' house in the suburbs, then another hour-long drive, with Bill, to Valparaiso University, where we met in our cumbersome formal clothes. I have attached a photo which chronicles forever the awkwardness of our meeting and the exchange of the essay. Anyway, Jeff and I hit it off quite well, and when he decided to kiss me later that same night, he prefaced it by saying, "Let's get this awkward moment out of the way. I never did call him Bronco, though.

Maybe after forty years. Posted by Anna at Fill in the Blank. They told more than they needed to. Here's what I said to myself about that: Still, as supportive as I am of reading, it does strike me as unfair to authors that libraries buy one copy of their book and let dozens read it.

Legislators in 40 other countries have figured out the answer — something called Public Lending Rights.