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  1. Series: Akashic Books Noir Series
  2. The Akashic Noir Series

Only a few of the stories feature a detective or private eye.

Despite some general guidelines, Temple said, each book has its own character, with both the editor and the city in question shaping the individual volumes enormously. For her part, Hamilton wanted stories that show how the city has changed in the seven decades since writers like Chandler, and filmmakers like Howard Hawks and John Huston, were carving out the noir style with a mix of Dashiell Hammett and German Expressionism.

That was the kind of story I was looking for, a story that could open a window into what L. I wanted to excavate parts of L.

Series: Akashic Books Noir Series

Other stories are written by L. Temple said it was because he was looking for the right editor, someone who knew the city and its writers well.

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The Akashic Noir Series

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Defining Film Noir

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